Packhouses in [Tauranga|Te puke|Kati Kati]Good Luck!

If you’re in [Tauranga / Te puke] in New Zealand

I have some good things to share with you!!

A list of all packhouses that you can look for a job!!!!

I have made this when I was looking kiwi job during Autumn Season

Hope this can help for the one who desperate to get a job there

Good Luck! =)


如果你現在是在紐西蘭的[Tauranga|Te puke]


噔噔噔噔 就是包裝廠的資料!

我在去年秋天的時候做了這張表 希望能讓找工作的你 幫些忙吧



1. Citi Pac

2. i-site

3. Mount Pack & Cool Ltd.

4. Satara Collins Lane

5. Satara Head Office

6. Eastpack

7. Seeka Kiwifruit Industries Ltd.

8. Seeka Transpack

9. Seeka Kiwi Kool Pak

10. Seeka KiwiBerry Pack

11. Birchwood (kati kati)

12. Aerocool

13. Kiwi Produce

14. Seeka Oakside

15. DMS Pukepack

16. Trevelyan’s

17. Seeka Bayliss

18. Seeka Macloughlin

19. Pacific View

20. Seeka Kiwicoast

21. Hume Pack-n-Cool


You’ll found that, Seeka has a lot of different packhouses which located in different places

Login to their website and check out for the details


The last one will be [Hume Pack-n-Cool]

But this is located at Kati Kati

I’ve been working here and I like it so much

It is not like other big packhouse

They are small but friendly too everyone

Try it!


你會發現 Seeka 有很多不一樣的包裝廠 在不同的地區

預覽他們的網站 了解更多資訊吧


最後一家是[Hume Pack-n-Cool

但這是位於在 Kati Kati

我就曾經在這裡工作 而且很喜歡這裡

閉起其他的包裝廠 它雖然很小 卻很好 很溫暖





  1. I love this picture 🙂


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