Marshmallow Mini Pizza Recipe | 棉花糖迷你披薩 做法

[ Marshmallow Mini Pizza ]

super easy treat for your party!!! yummy nom nom nom~


all you only need are marshmallow, bread, butter and a little of coffee powder

1. Preheat the oven to 350°F

2. toast the bread with toaster

3. spread on butter

4. cut them in pieces or you can have it as whole

5. put on marshmallow

6. put into oven and heat for 5 – 10 seconds [it is done if you see the marshmallow expand]

7. sprinkle some coffee powder

8. done! ready to be served


i like when sweet marshmallow meets salty butter and also a bit bitterness with a touch of coffee powder

they just match so well with each others and i can’t stop having them!!! nom nom nom~

hope you like it too!



[ 棉花糖迷你披薩 ]



你只需要 棉花糖,麵包,牛油 和 少許的咖啡粉

1. 把烘爐預熱至 350°F

2. 用烤麵包機烘烤麵包

3. 塗上牛油

4. 選著把麵包切成一小片 或 完整的一塊麵包

5. 放上棉花糖

6. 把它們放進烘爐 5-10秒[棉花糖膨脹即可]

7. 撒上咖啡粉

8. 完成咯!!


我喜歡當棉花糖的甜 遇上香濃牛油的鹹味 在加上帶點苦澀的咖啡粉作為點綴


這個超簡單的點心 希望你們也會喜歡哦!



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