Enjoy Henry’s Amazing [Violin + Piano Battle] Show!

Enjoy Henry’s Amazing [Violin + Piano Battle] Show!

Never notice about this guy from Korea Famous Boy Group [Super Junior]

Really. Never know who he is even I know about Super Junior


Henry Lau, who is born to be Chinese but grown up in Canada

He knows 6 different languages which are Korean, Cantonese, Mandarin, English, French and Thai

Yesterday i was busy with my work, sitting infront of the TV and having my job done in the midnight

[Star King] was showing at that time. I didn’t really peek at the TV due to my overloaded works

BUT! When Henry started to perform, i got distracted by his amazing performance!

He is really cool. Professional level of playing violin and piano but he chose to become a singer

Because he is being too greedy. He doesn’t wanna just focus on one but to do all the music he likes

Well, if he can do everything great, I think is a good thing too

He has been worked so hard for the show. You can see how confident he is with his performance.

He is enjoying it. Is like part of his life.

1st, he played MJ’s famous song [Smooth Criminal] with violin and cool dance moves

he even played his violin like an ukulele and sang the song [I’m Yours]

By the way he can dance really well too but this is not the end!

From the piano battle he has with Zhoumi

I guess he has stolen all the girls’ heart with their fantastic performance

He is just like a professional pianist

I can’t stop watching at his awesome performance, is just way too awesomeee!

That’s why today I am wearing my panda eyes to work. But I guess is worth it!

Mates, do enjoy the show!

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