Woodlands to Woking – Route and Ticket Cost[Sharing]

Route and Ticket Cost.

Route and Ticket Cost [Sharing]
From http://woodlandstowoking.wordpress.com/

There is no direct train from Singapore to Europe yet, so booking the trip takes a little bit of organisation. I have a summarised the route I took, time, cost and where I bought the ticket below.

+ Woodlands, Singapore to Butterworth , Malaysia – 2nd Class – BORDER CROSSING – 13.5 hours – SG$60 – On the day from the ticket office.

+ Butterworth , Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand – Soft sleeper – BORDER CROSSING- 23 hours – MYR 104 – The day before at the ticket office.

+ Bangkok, Thailand to Aranyapratyet, Thailand – Open ticket – 6 hours – Thai baht 48 – On the day at the ticket office.


+ Poipet, Cambodia to Siem Reap, Cambodia – Private taxi – 2 hours – US$48 – On the day at the ticket office.

+ Siem Reap, Cambodia to Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Bus – 6 hours – US$10 – The day before through my hotel.

+ Phnom Penh, Cambodia to HCMC, Vietnam – Bus – 6 hours – BORDER CROSSING – $12 – The day before through my hotel.

+ HCMC, Vietnam to Hanio, Vietnam – 4 berth soft sleeper – 33 hours – US$115 – A week before through http://www.vietnamimpressive.com

+ Hanoi, Vietnam to Beijing, China – 4 berth soft sleeper – 38 hours – BORDER – CROSSING – US$403 – A month before travel through http://www.vietnamimpressive.com

+ Beijing, China to Moscow, Russia – 1st Class 4 berth – 130 hours – BORDER CROSSINGX2 – US$925 – A month before travel through http://www.cits.net

+ Moscow, Russia to St Petersburg, Russia – 3rd Class sleeper – 8 hours – Roubles 1681 – The day before e-ticket through my hostel.

+ St Petersburg, Russia to Helsinki, Finland – 2nd class – 3.5 hours – BORDER CROSSING – €88 – The day before online, e-ticket bought at http://www.vr.fi

+ Helsinki, Finland to Turku Harbour, Finland – 2nd class – 2 hours – €33 – on the day at the ticket office

+ Turku Harbour, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden – 2 berth interior cabin – 10 hours – BORDER CROSSING – €49 – A month before travel e-ticket through http://www.vikingline.com

+ Stockholm, Sweden to Cologne, Germany – 4 berth Soft sleeper – 17 hours – BORDER CROSSINGX2 – €112 – A month before online but posted ticket from http://www.bahn.de

+ Cologne, Germany to London, England – 2nd class – 5 hours – BORDER CROSSINGX2 – £79 – A month before travel online e-ticket from http://www.eurostar.com

+ London, England to Woking, England – 2nd class – 30 min’s £8 – On the day at the ticket office.


In total the cost of my transport from Woodlands to Woking was:


I travelled mainly second class, but I always had a flat bed to sleep on for the twelve nights on the train. On the one night on the boat I had private en-suite cabin. I think that the total cost offers good value for money. It could have been considerable cheaper if I had booked trips earlier or had a little more flexibility.

If you are planning a long distance train ride I recommend the wonderful resource that is www.seat61.com. A great website I relied upon in the planning and duration of my journey.

I would also recommend the company I used to organise my visa’s, www.RealRussia.com who were very efficient and professional.

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