Starts from “Hello”



This is what we always say in New Zealand

Everyday we got a chance to meet some new people, new friend

The first thing we say is “Hello”

When we’re in our country, our homeland

We usually look down at our phone and busy with internet communication

Have you really look around you?

On the other side, we always have our headset with the music we called our life’s energy bar

With all these stuffs around us, we have lost the most natural way to communicate with others

In New Zealand, we have lost internet connection for most of the time

But we have a closer connection with people around us, new or old

With the mates I came with, we share, we chat, we drink, we cook, we have fun, we sleep together and even dream together

With the people i met, we greet, we chat, we smile, we exchange stories

We have been out of the digital box and jump into another better sight of view

Now we see more, we feel more and we experience more

Talk to different kind of people and we get to see different kind of things

This is much more fun then just reading stories through facebook and internet

Now I am glad we learn to communicate again

Keep myself free for a chat, stop by and just get a little more of experience and wisdom


Time to change for a life style

If not now, when? Right?

Keep ya phone away more often

And you will get some surprise in return


**I wish I can have the “Hello” top**

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