“A strong and touching bond between a man and his dying dog. Joseph is currently bringing his beloved buddy of 15 years, Zeus on his last trip, cycling all around Australia to cherish the final days together.

Zeus is 15-years-old, deaf and blind. His owner isn’t ready to just let him die yet though. Instead he is taking Zeus on an adventure, travelling all around Australia on a bicycle with Zeus in tow on a specially made cart.

Imgur user ellrank posted about his meeting of Zeus and his owner Joseph. She had met Joseph and Zeus outside of her work and decided to stop and say hi to Zeus. Then Joseph explained their story to her.

Zeus is 15-years-old and Joseph has raised him since birth. Zeus in his older years has gone deaf and slightly blind. Although elderly, Joseph isn’t ready to just say goodbye to his best friend of 15 years yet.

“I don’t want Zeus to just die, he has cared for me more than I have cared for him,” Joseph told the woman.

So instead with what little money they have and no plans, Joseph and Zeus have set out to travel all over Australia together. Joseph has made a cart just for Zeus, that even has a picture of Zeus on the back, and he bikes all around with Zeus along for the ride.”

For more pictures of Joseph & Zeus’s adventures, check out their Flickr gallery: http://www.flickr.com/photos/novaktonkin/


我在FB看到這 快哭了


主人的那一份心意 冒險的精神

他們一定有著 最深厚的感情 最難忘的一生

我們總會看著狗狗離開我們 因為它們的壽命沒我們長

好好珍惜你們在一起的時間 好好的相處

就算它即將離開 再傷心也別灰心

回憶是由我們製造的 就編制一個 快樂 難忘 的吧


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